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Never miss the latest emoji wave again. Slack Digest delivers the most essential emoji trends in your workspace every week.

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Top Emoji Reactions

See which emoji reactions are most popular in your workspace each week.

New Custom Emoji Report

Never fall behind on your team's newest custom emojis. Slack Digest keeps you updated on custom emojis in your own channels and in other channels across your workspace.

Top Threads (coming soon)

Stop sifting through the noise. Slack Digest finds the most active discussions throughout your workspace and brings them to you.


Free for your entire company

No per-user pricing or short-term trials. Get Slack Digest for your entire workspace for free.


Keep track of your team's top emoji reactions and newly added custom emojis for free.

  • Weekly digest delivered to you in Slack

  • Most popular emoji reactions

  • New Custom Emojis

  • Monitor up to 3 channels

Pro (coming soon)

Everything that's included in the Standard plan, plus:

  • Monitor unlimited channels

  • Private channel support

  • Custom digest schedules

  • …and more!

Coming soon!

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Every Friday, we'll post a report of the top 5 emoji reactions from the week, along with the latest custom emojis added to your workspace.

How much does it cost?

The basic weekly digest is free. Some features, such as custom digests, are only available in Slack Digest Pro.

Can I choose when the digest is delivered?

Slack Digest arrives every Friday at the time of your choice. If you upgrade to Slack Digest Pro, you can opt to receive your digest any day of the week, including multiple times in the same week.

Do you store my messages?

No. However, we do store information about channel names that the app is added to, as well as reaction names and frequencies.

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